Book FAQ

What is How To Be A Total Failure about?

In a word, How To Be A Total Failure is about transformation. For over twenty years, Bill and his company Innovations International, have helped thousands of people reach their own transformations.

Why did you choose to write a book about failing instead of succeeding?

People tend to learn best from their failures. If you think back on your past, you will have some great memories. But you might find that some of your most vivid memories are those times when you made a mistake. For example, Phil will never forget the time he picked a fight in fourth grade with his best friend. He lost a friend that day and has never been involved in another fist fight. From that day forward, Phil lost the belief that boys had to fight to be cool. His new belief was that it was better to be a peace-maker and this transformation has served him well in both life and business.

Are all the stories in the book true?

All the stories are based on real experiences. However, some stories might be a mixture of several experiences and certain facts like where the story takes place and the actual names of the people involved are largely fictitious.

Why did you put so many stories in your book?

We use stories for two reasons: one, to help readers understand the point we want to make and two, we want to prompt readers to think of their own experiences. In a way, readers make up their own book as they read How To Be A Total Failure. And in our Blog, readers can put their stories in a tangible form and share their experiences with thousands of other people.

Do you offer quantity discounts for corporations?

Yes, all orders over 100 books receive a 25% discount off the purchase price of $9.95.

Do you speak at conferences, seminars or other functions?

Yes. Bill has been a public speaker all of his career and is asked by many Fortune 500 companies to do key-note speeches. Phil is more of a behind-the-scenes guy, but would be willing to fail his way to become a better public speaker.