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John Wilkes of recently wrote a review titled How to fail in life without really trying.
"Gossip. Backstabbing. The Blame Game. Slacking. Irresponsibility. Incompetence. Lack of accountability. Unethical behavior. Harassment. What do these things have in common? They are all part of the rat race many of us run five or more days per week, and are fodder for the sacred golden calf called capitalism, as evidenced by recent economic events. What is peculiar is that many of us tolerate, and perhaps even passively or actively contribute to the proliferation of this madness, making a day at the office anything but pleasant and far from fulfilling.

Too harsh? I don't think so, especially after reading How to Become a Total Failure: The Ten Rules of Highly Unsuccessful People by Bill Guillory, Ph.D. and Phil Davis. In fact, I took a fresh look at my professional behavior as well as my interactions outside of the workplace. That is the point of the book."

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"Bill and Phil’s book keeps us in check and reminds us how core virtuous lessons we learned at home really do apply throughout our business lives. Chock full of stories and examples, HOW TO BECOME A TOTAL FAILURE is a cautionary and cathartic trek traversing that which we ought never forget."
—Robert Preskill, The Corporate Law Group

"After reading just a couple of chapters of 'How to Become a Total Failure,' you wonder if Bill and Phil have been following you around with a hidden camera—and the people closest to you. Maybe they know your obnoxious brother-in-law, you know, the one who constantly makes promises he never intends on keeping. Or maybe your ex-boss, the guy who would never try anything new, or take a chance on anything. Or they could be describing the testy sales manager who only looks out for number one at the expense of everyone else around him. This book is entertaining and thought provoking. While it is easy to see the mistakes of others, that doesn't really lead to any improvement, does it? Instead Bill and Phil force the reader to ask him or herself: 'Gee, do I do THAT?'"
—Greg Gerrard, Literary Critic and former Publisher

"This book is a manifesto for those who, in their heart of hearts, believe that it's possible to do well by doing good. I hope that honest, talented, and empathetic people pay careful attention to Guillory's and Davis’ words and realize that nice people (who have the courage to be their best selves) can be first to the finish line."
— Mike Maples, Maples Investments, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

"The book is incredibly helpful from both a business and personal perspective. It is also an easy read. I would consider it a reference book for busy businesspeople who are experiencing an issue and need to see the situation in a new light. The lessons are applicable almost universally which is why a businessperson would see new applications as they grow in their careers. From my perspective in global business, as I read the book I recalled numerous intercultural situations that fit the Rule that I was reading about.

Thank you for allowing me to read this. I will be teaching an online course in business ethics in spring quarter. I've taught the class once before with a final project of each student (all of these students are working people) creating an ethical code for their place of work. This book would be excellent supplemental reading that would prepare the students for their final project. If the book is out soon (I'm not clear about the publishing situation) I will see if the university can order books for my students."
—Jacqui Oliveira, mediation instructor

"While reading the Bill and Phil book, HOW TO BECOME A TOTAL FAILURE: the Ten Rules of Highly Unsuccessful People. I recalled my own experiences of life and what failures I have made along the way, and most of all what I learned from my failures. Each failure and mistake I have made has played a part in what person I am today. This book was truly a joy to read and I highly recommend it to all."
—Brenda Rogers, Salt City Books